Property Transfers

It can be daunting to have to handle a property transfer by yourself. A property transfer is a matter that can easily appear to be a complex process to navigate. Especially having to correctly prepare Land Titles or State Revenue forms and lodge these documents online. This legal process doesn’t have to be difficult with the guidance and support of a trusted legal practitioner.

The details of a property transfer involve confirming the instructions of clients. Regardless of the nature of the situation, consulting with Claire Dunning at At Home Legal could help make handling such matters, and remove unwanted stress.

A Basic Overview of Property Transfers

Our consultation process at At Home Legal begins with developing an accurate understanding of the client or the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate. This is done to determine the type of property transfer that is required.

At Home Legal handles Transfers between spouses, Changes in the manner of Holding on Titles, Survivorship transfers and Transfers to Executors in order to sell property and Transfers to beneficiaries of estates. Claire is able to explain to her clients every step of the property transfer process.

Whether you are seeking consultation for a property transfer as part of a deceased estate, or are actively seeking a transfer of property in the event of a change in personal circumstance currently affecting your family, Claire can help.

Consult with At Home Legal for Matters Relating to Property Transfers and Estate Planning.

Find approachable and effective legal advice on your property transfer and estate planning matters, by booking a consultation with At Home Legal today. Speak with Claire Dunning to arrange your consultation at 0422 490 811, and learn how we can support your needs with qualified legal support.