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The main purpose of a Will is to ensure that the tangible results of your life’s efforts will end up in the hands of your intended beneficiaries. Whether you are reviewing an existing will or creating a new one, Claire Dunning makes it easy to create an effective Will. 

Why You Should Create a Will?

Creating a Will and Powers of Attorney helps to ensure that your loved ones won’t be left with an emotional and legal mess to deal with. Without a power of attorney in place your family will need to apply to a Tribunal to be appointed in order to have the authority to manage your affairs.

It is simpler and more cost effective to have proper documents in place from the outset. Having a legally drafted Will and powers of attorney in place provides peace of mind for both yourself and your loved ones.

By preparing a Will document, you will be ensuring adequate provisions for your family. This may include any grandchildren, as well as children from second relationships. Enduring Powers of Attorney make sure that you have the assistance of an attorney at times of need in matters of financial, legal and medical decisions.

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What is Required to Create a Will?

The legally valid Will requires that a suitable executor and trustee is appointed.

During the Will making process, Claire will address a number of other important matters are addressed with clients.

Examples of the types of important issues that can be addressed in your Will include the appointment of a suitable guardian for minors, payment of debts and liabilities, specific gifts to family members and charities, funeral directions, and trusts for children and vulnerable beneficiaries.

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