Estate Planning Lawyer in Coburg

Coburg is a northern suburb located within commuting distance of Melbourne City. Its buildings are steeped in historical heritage, and its residents have long enjoyed the bustle of retail activity that lines its streets. If you happen to live in Coburg, it could be helpful to know that it is not far from an experienced and reliable estates lawyer.

Estate and succession planning matters are crucial processes that deserve an adequate amount of your focus. However, they do not need to take you away from your personal responsibilities. With legal support from a reliable estates lawyer,planning your family estate can be a much simpler affair. Similarly, an estates lawyer can help you figure out your personal succession planning needs. If you find yourself in need of qualified legal support for either of the scenarios above, consider seeking qualified legal support from Claire Dunning.

Claire offers a mobile consultation service and can assist with matters of family estate planning, as well as personal succession planning for your assets and any properties. Claire brings more than 18 years’ experience to her client consultations, and has built her career by working with trustee companies and private law firms.She now consults closely with advisers of estates, and can support you with reliable assistance as an estates lawyer.

Estate and succession planning can be manageable processes, with support from a thoroughly experienced estates lawyer. Whether you require knowledge to support your decision making, or assistance with carrying out the administration of an estate, Claire can help.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Coburg

If you live in or near Coburg, you can easily find clarity for your family’s various wills, probate and estate planning needs with Claire Dunning. Book a consultation with Claire today at 0422 490 811, and find a reliable estate planning lawyer who is always within reach.