Estate Planning Lawyer in Brunswick

The suburb of Brunswick is among the many reasons why people are proud to call Melbourne their home. If you are among those who can proudly say they are familiar with its streets, you should know that Brunswick is not far from a qualified estates lawyer. Personal succession planning can weigh heavily on a person’s life. As a result, it could always help to have the help of a qualified estate lawyer.

Plenty of people often consider seeking an estates lawyer for their family estate planning matters. If you find yourself in such a need, Claire Dunning can help. Claire is a qualified estates lawyer who offers a mobile legal service to Brunswick. If you live or work in a suburb adjacent to Brunswick, Claire can schedule a visit to consult with you at your premises.

Claire has developed her career as a specialist in estate planning and probate services. With 18 years’ of extensive legal experience, Claire has worked for a collection of trustee companies as well as private law firms. She now works closely with advisers of estate and her clients to provide reliable assistance as an estates lawyer. Claire is able to assist with the administration of an estate, executor roles, or if you require help obtaining probate.

There is no reason why estate planning should involve complex matters. Consider how keeping experienced legal counsel can help you free up your focus for your life’s other responsibilities. Consult with Claire to see how she can support your need for family legal counsel.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Brunswick

If you live in or near Brunswick, you can easily find clarity for your family’s wills, probate and estate planning needs with Claire Dunning. Book a consultation with Claire today at 0422 490 811, and find a reliable estate planning lawyer who is always within reach.