Estate Planning Lawyer in Abbotsford

The suburb of Abbotsford in Melbourne hosts a mix of residential properties and businesses. If you live in Abbotsford, it might help to know that you are not far away from qualified legal support. The truth is, it can be invaluable. Whether you are fulfilling the role of executor for a deceased estate, attaining probate or arranging for wills and powers of attorney in place for yourself or your parents, Claire Dunning can help.

Claire offers a mobile legal services= to Abbotsford and neighbouring suburbs for consultation. Claire possesses 18 years’ extensive legal experience from working with trustee companies and private law firms. Clients seeking support on matters pertaining to family estates may also appreciate that Claire takes a personable approach to every consultation. If you are looking for help with matters involving probate or writing a will, Claire can assist. She holds extensive experiences in administering estates, assisting executors, obtaining probate and estate planning documentation.

As a qualified and experienced legal professional, Claire has developed her expertise in estate planning and probate services. She works closely with both advisers and clients, and can assist to deliver premium legal support at reasonable rates. Claire is always ready to consult with clients on their specific needs, and can help to ensure your interests are kept in mind.

Wills and Estates Lawyer in Abbotsford

If you live in or near Abbotsford, you can easily find clarity for your family’s various estate and estate planning needs with Claire Dunning. Book a consultation with Claire today at 0422 490 811, and find a reliable estates lawyer who is always within reach.