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At Home Legal focuses on providing tailored solutions to your estate planning and probate needs. We work closely with your financial planners and accountants in the delivery of estate planning and probate services.

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With over 20 years legal experience in wills, deceased estates & estate planning; Claire Dunning has worked closely with her clients to understand their needs and requirements for protecting their assets.  

Sometimes it’s not easy to find the time to meet with a lawyer to discuss matters that may be sensitive, difficult or complex. Being a mobile lawyer means I can help those in need who can’t easily visit an office.

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Looking for Advice on Creating a Will?

With over 18 years legal experience in wills, deceased estates & estate planning; At Home Legal have put together this detailed guide to help you understand the process. 

Remove the complication around estate planning and creating a will and download our helpful guide today. 

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Dealing with a Deceased Estate?

Being named as the executor of an estate comes with a range of duties and obligations. The role of an executor or administrator is unpaid, time consuming, and a highly-involved job that will often exceed 6 months of your time.

Executors are personally liable for the administration of the estate. It is prudent to employ legal support to aid you often during a personal period of loss or grievance.

Feel comfortable knowing that you are able to navigate the complex language & processes behind Estate Planning and download our eBook today.