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Estate planning is the process of planning and documenting wishes for the distribution of an individual’s assets and liabilities upon their death. Estate planning helps a client to achieve their objectives, which are also reflected during the making of their Will.

Estate planning can help families ensure that their assets, including property superannuation and insurance policies, are transferred effectively. 

How Effective Estate Planning Can Help You

Having effective estate planning means that there will be sufficient funding in place for intended beneficiaries. In this way, estate planning aims to minimise and prevent beneficiaries from fighting over their inheritances.

Among the principal services provided by Claire Dunning, is estate planning for personal succession. The extent of planning required depends primarily on the information given by clients. Estate planning encompasses a thorough review of a client’s wealth and assets, with the aim of effectuating a tax effective transfer of wealth to intended beneficiaries.

Once a client’s needs and objectives have been identified in the consultation, Claire will then be able to provide solutions. 
Such solutions often address:

  • Providing financial support to spouses, children, and grandchildren,
  • Making provisions for all beneficiaries, including those from a second marriage, and
  • Management of inheritances for vulnerable beneficiaries,
  • Minimising capital gains tax through the use of trusts,
  • Minimise income tax payable on inheritances,
  • Reduce the risk of claims being made against the estate

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A Simple Solution to Protecting Your Assets

Effective estate planning confers numerous benefits, giving you peace of mind that you have made life easier for your loved ones. Without a valid Will and properly appointed executor, your family will be left with a legal mess to work through. Addressing the assets of your estate, including matters of superannuation, life insurance, inheritances and trusts now is essential to properly providing for those closest to you.

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