Could Your Superannuation Could Be One of Your Biggest Assets?

Many people are surprised to know that along with the family home, a person’s superannuation benefit is one of their most significant assets.

However, do you know that superannuation benefits are not covered by your Will?
With superannuation, the payout of a death benefit is usually left up to a trustee’s discretion in the absence of binding death benefit nomination.

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How a Binding Death Benefit Nomination Can Help You

A binding death benefit nomination serves to legally bind the trustees of your super fund to pay out your super benefits to your dependents, or your estate, in amounts specified by you. 

For example, they can be used to distribute your superannuation evenly among your children or between children and your spouse. Paying superannuation benefits to your estate allows you to combine all your assets together into one trust for spouses or minor children.

Consulting Claire Dunning for a review of your super documentation is a great way to find clarity on binding death nominations and the transfer of control under a self managed super fund. Having a clearer understanding about the allocation of your super funds can help you and your loved ones avoid an undesired tax outcome.

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Have Peace of Mind that Your Wishes Will be Carried Out

Consult with Claire Dunning if you have not previously considered the distribution of your superannuation, or other assets not covered in your existing Will.

Your consultation with Claire will begin with a review of your situation to ensure your current nominations and any self managed super deed accurately reflects your wishes. Claire can also help by advising on related matters such as your life insurance and Will. Th is includes advice on providing for beneficiaries of a second relationship and how to nominate beneficiaries for tax purposes.

Reviewing self managed superannuation deeds for succession of the trustee who controls the fund.

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