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"I enjoy working collaboratively with clients and guiding them through the Will making or estate administration process"
Claire Dunning

Our Principal

Claire Dunning has over 18 years extensive legal experience in wills, deceased estates and estate planning area.

Claire has provided estate planning services for estate planning and probate services for trustee companies and law firms

Claire works closely with your closely with your advisers to provide premium estate planning and probate services at a competitive price.

Our Services

  • Review & Preparation of Wills
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Minimise risk of family provision claims
  • Review & Preparation Powers of Attorney
  • Advice & Preparation of Superannuation Nominations
  • Review of Trust deeds for succession of control
  • Property transfers between parties
  • Preparation of all types of probate documents
  • Executor’s Advice on the administration of an estate
  • Property transfers to executor and beneficiaries
  • Testator family maintenance claims
  • Deceased estate litigation

Services Information

For your Peace of Mind

  • That you have provided properly for your family including grandchildren and children of second relationships

  • That you have a suitable executor and attorney to act on your behalf and guardian for your minor children

  • That you have testamentary trusts established for minors and beneficiaries with disabilities

Why do I need a Will?

  • If you hold assets in your sole name or as tenants in common then you need a Will to be able to transfer these assets to your intended beneficiaries

  • Once you include the proceeds of your superannuation and life insurance there are sufficient funds for a Will to be put in place.

  • It is cheaper to have a Will in place then the leave a messy legal situation for your beneficiaries to deal with.

  • Preparation of all types of probate documents including letters of administration applications and handmade wills

  • Advice on the administration of an estate including how to manage beneficiaries and comply with executor's duties

  • Property transfers to executors and beneficiaries and beneficiaries purchasing or acquiring property from the estate

  • Deceased estate litigation including defending the executor against estate claims, executor’s commission claims, and claims by beneficiaries for provision

  • Preparation of deeds of family agreement and release regarding agreed redistribution of the estate

  • We review your situation to ensure that a super and life insurance death benefit nominations reflect your wishes

  • We provide advice on the nomination of beneficiaries especially in second relationships

  • Advice on who may be nominated as a beneficiary(s) for tax purposes to receive superannuation

  • We help ensure that the super nomination form is completed correctly and is legally binding

  • Your super nominations can be void due to errors and non compliance with super fund rules

  • A testamentary trust can allow you to split income between a range of beneficiaries and minimise income tax

  • Asset protection from creditors is provided by the trust structure as the assets are owned by the trustee of the trust and not the beneficiaries

  • Vulnerable beneficiaries can have an independent trustee appointed to help manage their inheritance with restrictions placed on advancing capital

You should review your Wills & Powers of Attorney every 5 years, or earlier upon any of the following circumstances:

  • New relationship, separation, divorce, marriage and children

  • Acquire investment assets and inheritance

  • Appoint an executor/ attorney and alternative executor/ attorney who is the best position to manage your estate

  • Someone who may seek to contest the Will

  • We review your trust deeds to enable control to pass to those persons you intend to benefit

  • This includes addressing the ownership and transfer of company shares

  • We consider who will be the surviving director(s) of a Trustee Company of the trust

Deceased estates - we can prepare:

  • Survivorship applications to register the surviving owner of the property on title

  • Transmission applications to have the title in the executor’s name in readiness for sale of an estate property

  • Transfers to the beneficiaries of the estate as tenants in common

  • Acquisition of property by one beneficiary from the deceased estate

Estate Planning- we can prepare:

  • Transfers between spouses for principal place of residence

  • Change the manner of ownership recorded on title to tenants in common or joint proprietors

  • Not everything can be put in your Will so we can help you prepare a statement of wishes to guide your executor’s decision making

  • Guidance on the upbringing, schooling and the purposes to advance capital to your minor children

  • Specific gifts of personal effects to children and grandchildren

  • Guidance on the investment and management of the assets of your estate

  • Guidance to Trustees of Family Trusts on the operation of the trust and distributions to be made to beneficiaries