Probate & Executor Assist Services

At Home Legal assists a wide variety of clients across Melbourne with proving the Will before the Supreme Court, or informally administering a Will or estate. Applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration (where there is no Will) involves a number of legal documents to be prepared. Among these are an Affidavit of Executor, Inventory of Assets & Liabilities and advertising online.

Having a legal practitioner to obtain a grant of probate in a timely manner takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. At Home Legal also provides legal support with the administration of the estate after a grant of probate has been obtained. This involves personable guidance as to how to redeem assets, manage the beneficiaries and distribute the estate.

The Importance of Probate

A grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) gives the legal authority to the executor or administrator to administer the estate of a deceased person. Upon passing, the deceased’s bank accounts, shares, property are frozen. Without a grant from the Supreme Court, an executor would not possess the legal authority to administer an estate or transfer any assets to the beneficiaries. For these reasons, probate is often a critical first legal step before the estate of a loved one can be effectively administered.

Executor Assist Services

Being named as the executor of an estate comes with a range of duties and obligations. The role of an executor or administrator is unpaid, time consuming, and a highly-involved job that will often exceed 6 months of your time. Executors are personally liable for the administration of the estate. It is prudent to employ legal support to aid you often during a personal period of loss or grievance. Engaging Claire from At Home Legal to assist you in your role of executor is a sensible step to take. At Home Legal is able to assist you to obtain probate as well as administering the Will. It helps to have the support of a qualified legal professional to assist you with the entire process.

At Home Legal Can Support You at Every Step of the Estate Administration Process

Your initial consultation with Claire will firstly involve developing an understanding of the process to administer the particular estate. At Home Legal is able to support with:

  • Preparing probate documents of all types, including letters of administration, applications, addressing handmade Wills,
  • Advice on administering an estate, including managing beneficiaries, as well as complying with executors’ duties
  • Transfer of properties to executors and beneficiaries
  • Purchase and acquisition of properties from an estate, and
  • Deceased estate litigation.

Work with At Home Legal for Effective Support with Probate Matters and Executor Assistance.

If you require effective legal support as the executor of a Will, or are looking for help with obtaining probate, please book a consultation with At Home Legal today.

Speak with Claire Dunning to arrange a consultation at 0422 490 811, and find out how we can make it easier for you by having qualified legal support.