Executor Assist


If you are an executor you may call our executor inquiry line and receive some initial guidance on:

  •  What is probate?
  • When is probate required?
  •  Your options for legal services

Note that this initial guidance will be limited to a total of 15 minutes and excludes any call charges. There is of course no obligation to proceed.

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The Role of the Executor

Legal assistance is required to make an application for a grant of probate or letters of administration.

Legal guidance is required to support you on how to administer the estate including dealing with beneficiaries, liabilities and managing any potential claims for further provision from the estate.

Duties of the executor include:

  •  Applying for a grant of probate
  •  Bringing in the assets
  •  Arranging for the sale or transfer of assets
  •  Discharging the debts
  •  Finalising the deceased's taxation affairs
  •  Keeping estate records
  •  Prepare statements for distributing to beneficiaries

Why Executor Assist?

Puts you in Control

Executors have a choice as to the solicitor they want to use to administer a deceased estate. You do not have to use the solicitor that is holding the Will and it is your choice which legal services you use.


As the executor named under the Will you can choose whether to use a solicitor to fully or partly administer the estate. Quite often, the executor can do administrative work themselves with appropriate legal guidance.

Reduced Costs

Clients wanting to do some of the work themselves can use this service and may reduce the legal costs incurred by the estate.

You choose the level of legal assistance you require.